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Friday, 26 April 2013


Back in March, I had a lovely weekend entertaining various family members from far and wide. Because there were a lot of us, and we all like food, it did seem that most of the weekend was spent, either preparing meals, eating meals, or clearing up after meals.  And everybody mucked in and helped.

They all got very into my eco-friendly ways - when there is clearly no dustbin in a kitchen you kind of have to.  "What do I do with this?"

One of the things that I love to do is to make up feasts for the birds - my garden is full of birds and birdsong all the time.

Like Louise, who contributed Tip 2 in my book, I scrape up fat from my frying pan to make my bird feasts and then use breadcrumbs, toast crumbs and whatever other bits and pieces seem like they'll make a tasty treat.

This is the bird feeder we made when my family were over in March, when I came back from holiday.

It was full to the brim when I put it out.  Not a lot left in there now, as you can see!

It doesn't cost a penny to make and it takes no more time to scrape the crumbs off the breadboard or the fat out of the frying pan into a container like this, than it takes to scrape it into the bin.  I have no idea if they actually use the little perch I added by poking a skewer through the bottom of the cup, but it looks cute, don't you think?

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