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Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympics get my green gold

Yesterday I had an amazing day at the London 2012 Olympics and aside from the fantastic atmosphere, lovely location, inspiring sporting achievements going on all around, I'd also give the event a gold medal for green thinking .

There are things you can't take in.  It is pretty similar to getting on a plane.  You need to make sure you don't have things like nail scissors, pen knives, aerosols in your bag or pockets because you have to part with these at the security. I'd really like to know what will be done with all the stuff that gets handed over in their 'zero to landfill' ideal.

Also, like on a plane you can't take in liquids. But, you can take in your own empty drinks bottle, which once inside you can refill with water from the various fountains. Worth it when soft drinks are £2.30 and beers £4.30.

I did take in my own sandwiches for lunch but planned to eat from the various food stalls on offer in the evening.  I was impressed that the food  I bought was served in compostable packaging and there were bins for this compostable packaging, for any food waste and for recyclables.

View over the Park Live area at the Olympic Park
 with the Velodrome in the background

The recycling bins at the airport security style entrance.

Wild flowers were a big feature of the landscaping

Here's the link on the London 2012 website to read more about how this Olympic Games is making efforts to have sustainability at its heart.

I hope it will inspire other events and festivals to think green.