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Monday, 10 May 2010

So many bags?

I am tidying out a messy cupboard today and wondering how I have so many plastic bags. It was a long time ago - several years - that I joined the growing number of people who choose to use reusable carrier bags everywhere for whatever kind of shopping they do.

In the last 6 months (because I can't remember much past that) I have accepted one new carrier bag with a big sigh as I couldn't be bothered to repeat myself having told the lady serving me that I DIDN'T NEED a bag, thank you.

So, I really don't understand how I have a cupboard that seems to be full of them. How do they all get here? Do they breed?

I have heard people say that they continue to go shopping without taking their own reusable shopping bags because they find plastic bags so useful for other things. If I am out shopping with them this is the point at which I usually try to thrust one of my spare plastic bags into their unsuspecting arms. As I pull out bag after bag from my bulging cupboard I find I just have to say that IT IS A VERY LAME EXCUSE.

I am pretty confident based on today's haul that anyone would be able safely STOP using 'single use' carrier bags now and they will still have a lifetime's supply of plastic bags. If not, they can always have some of mine!