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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

More Packaging? Is it really necessary?

I took my grandmother on a shopping trip yesterday and was tasked with looking for her face cream by Oil of Olay. She was bothered by the fact the packaging seemed different as she likes to stick to what she knows.

I was bothered by the 'new' packaging too.  To my horror, in addition to the cardboard box that surrounds the pot that contains the cream, was yet another layer of packaging, a clear plastic box.


Please, someone tell me what possible reason there can be for adding yet another layer of packaging to a product. I had considered looking at their range, BUT, I've changed my mind.  I refuse to buy anything that is so much more package than product.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

One Man's Junk....

.... is another man's treasure.

Well my local community shop certainly proves that to be true. Each year they are able to give away in excess of £10,ooo to local charities and organisations.

When I decorated my children's bedrooms several years ago, one wanted a sea theme and the other wanted a jungle theme. The community shop was just the place to make these themes come alive. I found cushions, soft toys, stick-on insects, a fish mobile, and all sorts.

My children have grown up, and the rooms have been decorated, and now look tastefully teenage. So, today, I'm taking all these things back there to the community shop, in the hope that another child will be able to have their dream jungle theme, or seascape all for the sake of a few pounds which might end up funding their Guide Camp or the next bit of park that needs a revamp.