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Friday, 27 February 2009

Beat the Credit Crunch

Are you trying to cut food bills? These credit crunch tips will help you cut down on food waste as well as helping you to save money.

  • Plan meals before you shop and only buy what you need, not forgetting to plan for when you might use leftovers, eat out or with friends.
  • Take shopping bags with you. Some supermarkets are starting to charge for bags, others give you loyalty card points for re-using your own bags.
  • Don't forget to take bags you can use for fruit and vegetables. Loose fruit and vegetables are often cheaper and you can buy the quantity you really need.
  • Use up leftovers.
  • Put out peelings, apple cores, bread crumbs, bacon rind, and fat for the birds.
  • Make your own compost from kitchen and garden waste.
  • Grow your own herbs.
  • Go shopping with a friend and share those buy one get one free offers.

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