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Monday, 13 October 2008


Did you know that you can use the water from boiling eggs for watering your plants? The water will contain valuable nutrients from the eggs that the plants will appreciate.

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Rosie said...

"A propos your tip re boiled egg water - sure you also know that if you cook your vegetables by the old-fashioned water/saucepan method instead of steaming - the cooled water you've cooked them in is also good for your plants as it contains all the nutrients you have cooked out by cooking by this method!"
I have just received this tip from my mother-in-law so I thought I'd pass it on.
I tend to steam my vegetables, but I guess it still contains some nutrients, judging by the fact that the water is generally coloured. I guess you tend to use less water when steaming and I usually include the water in sauces or gravy or have used it to add to soup bases. However, when I can't think of a use for it I will try it on my plants from now on.
Thanks Mum!